About Mime

MIME is a Universal Language that employees no other means thangestures as the medium of expression of all sentiments, emotions and feelings

It is one of the most flourishing fine arts of modern times, all over the world. Few Indian\\\'s who made a mark in this art have earned a great reputation through their exhilarating performances

The art calls for clarity of expression, subtle action, and keen observation matched with imagination and ability to recall and reconstruct a whole sequence of events in the minds of the spectator.

Though pantomime (Mookabhinaya) as it stands today has developed as an independent performing art of the modern theatrical stage, its origin can be traced to the ancient work \\\"Natya Sastra\\\" of thesage Bharata, as a histrionic component of the Indian Theatre. In its modern form, it has grown to a powerful medium of isolated silent action capable of presenting delicately and succinctlythe deep-rooted states of the human mind.

Through its symbolic, ironical and often humorous expressions, it can stir the imagination of the spectators bringing into focus many a social problem of the day, while providing ample scope for entertainment. The greater advantage of or rather specialty about this art is that it does not have to employ language as aprocess of communication, thus lending it the unique feature of universality.

Popular Performances

  • Morning Walking
  • Traffic constable
  • Villager goes to a theatre
  • Lady in front of the mirror
  • Eating Non-Veg Food
  • Eating Bananas
Limca book of World Record Holder for his 24 hours non-stop mime performance in 1993
Mime Kaladhar Indian Mr. Bean