Kaladhar Mime Academy

Mime Kaladhar in the process of popularizing the Mime art form through out the world, established  KALADHAR MIME ACADEMY in 1996. Through this Mime Academy he trained many individuals in mime art form thus creating awareness in public over this rare art form. He along with Mime Academy students gave many performances - the outstanding one would be the CBN organization presentation in Sony Channel Kushi Ki Duniya, which attracted many individuals, specifically school students.

He Started Charitable Trust and helping financially every year to poor artistes with the support of Elder Son K.Sridhar, Younger Son K.Sreekanth, Daughter K.Sarika and Son-in-law Yada Abhinay.

Popular Performances

  • Morning Walking
  • Traffic constable
  • Villager goes to a theatre
  • Lady in front of the mirror
  • Eating Non-Veg Food
  • Eating Bananas
Limca book of World Record Holder for his 24 hours non-stop mime performance in 1993
Mime Kaladhar Indian Mr. Bean