About Kaladhar

Mr. Kaladhar has started his career as a drama artiste in 1968. Since then he acted, directed many stage dramas. Later in 1975 turned towards Mime (mookhabinaya) art form after seeing the performance of Sri Polapragada Janardhan Rao. With his innate talents and dedicated efforts won the admiration and approbation of art-lovers all over the country through a number of performances with in a short time.

He Retired from Service of Central Government- Director General of Mines Safety in the year 2014. He devotedly cultivated the art of mime as a hobby. He also has the experience of working with the song and drama division, Government of India, as a staff artiste for some time.

His solo performances are self-contained bits of mono-action and melodrama arousing thrilling suspense or hilarious laughter. Kaladhar has successfully directed shows of “Group Mime” based on elaborate themes, conceptualizing what could be his silent one-act plays.

Some of his most popular performances are: Eating Banana, Lady in front of the mirror, Villager goes to a theatre, Traffic constable, Morning Walking

He is now performing Mr.Been Style MIME items. He is popularized as Indian Mr.Been. 

He is native of Hanamkonda, Warangal Dist., Telangana. His date of birth is 15th July, 1955. He joined for B.Com., in 1974 in Arts and Science College, Warangal and discontinued from study after two years. Later in busy time while playing Dramas he completed \'Bachelor of Arts\' from Kakathiya University in 1983.

Popular Performances

  • Morning Walking
  • Traffic constable
  • Villager goes to a theatre
  • Lady in front of the mirror
  • Eating Non-Veg Food
  • Eating Bananas
Limca book of World Record Holder for his 24 hours non-stop mime performance in 1993
Mime Kaladhar Indian Mr. Bean